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Welcome to
Where raising funds for your organization is easy!

eZfundraising.com automates the fundraising process for everyone involved, from the customer, to the participant seller, the event coordinator and the distributor. **

  Now you can place your fundraising product orders and pay for them through the internet with your credit card!* Just follow the link emailed to you from the participant seller. Your purchase is safe with eZfundraising.com! We use secure encryption technology, just like the Internet banks!
 Participant Sellers:
  No more door to door sales or handling cash! Just e-mail your friends and relatives about the event, track your orders online, and see reports that show progress towards winning prizes!
 Event Coordinators & Fundraising Chairpeople:
  Forget about all the hassles of organizing, documenting and tracking your events. eZfundraising.com does all that for you! Simply chose a participating distributor, fill out a brief form to set up your event and eZfundraising.com does the rest! Participants self-register, your volunteers can sell across the Internet, and you'll get comprehensive progress reports on your fundraising event in real time right from your computer.
  With eZfundraising.com you'll be able to see your sales reports in real-time! That means you can place your orders much earlier in the season and with much greater accuracy. You'll see what products are hot and in which markets, which events are doing well and which aren't, and how your salespeople stack up against each other. Through eZfundraising.com you can also significantly reduce your printing costs, because we put your broucher on the site! When you run low on a product, eliminate backorders by simply "unpublishing" it! As your products will be purchased through the Internet you will also extend the reach of your sales. eZfundraising.com makes fundraising a breeze for your clients!
* Available only when supported by your fundraising event. Please contact your Event Coordinator to see if credit card purchases are supported.
** Some of the capabilities listed are not available in Version 1.1, released July 31, 2001. For details please click “Future Features” on the main menu to the left.
Please supply feedback, questions and problems to webmaster@eZfundraising.com

Copyright © 2010 eZfundraising.com LLC. All rights reserved. No part of this software or material contained on or in it may be transmitted, used, reproduced, or disclosed outside of the intended recipient without the express written consent of eZfundraising.com LLC. Patent Pending.

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